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Senior Teams

Premier (Div 1) Men

This is our flagship mens team, click HERE for further info.


Premier Reserve (Div 3) Men

Competing in the Premier Reserve grade, this team is the place for up and coming cricketers to hone their skills and put their hand up for selection in the Premier team. The Premier Reserve team trains with the Premier team and makes up the wider Premier squad. This team is always competitive and has been the starting point for many Onslow legends.


Intercity One-Day (Div 1) Raging Stags

The Raging Stags cricket team has been in action since the mid 2000’s. It was originally formed by a group of friends keen to continue playing cricket beyond high school in a social environment. While the faces have changed over the years the team ethic has remained - playing good competitive cricket in the spirit of the game. A great bunch of guys looking to enjoy themselves, this team is well liked in a grade that has become increasingly competitive in recent years.

Intercity One-Day (Div 2) Rassics

The Rassics (standing for Really Classic) started as a team at Onslow in 2006. Now entrenched in the 40-overs Intercity one-day competition, the team has a solid core of regulars with 5 of the current team having playing 100 games or more for the team. We play competitive cricket in the right spirit and win or lose if we play near Onslow we return to the club rooms for a drink and to catch up with the other teams. You'll recognise us as with our team Onslow shirts...Go Rassics!! Always looking for good men who enjoy cricket to become a fellow Rassic. Onslow is a great club to play for and you'll always be welcome.

T20 (Div 1) Masters

There is no official age restrictions for this team but most of the players have seen a few decades at the club so we thought the name was appropriate. The Masters include several top Onslow players from years gone by and enjoy a hit out on Saturday afternoons followed by a refreshing cold beverage or two.

T20 (Div 1) Spring Chickens

The Chooks are a team much like the Masters. They play in the same competitive Div 1 grade, so intra-club derbys are frequent and played with a steel resolve and much witty banter. Bragging rights are enjoyed afterwards in the clubrooms.

T20 (Div 2) Onslow Originals

This team goes so far back, it’s history is lost in the mists of time. It’s more recent recorded history starts in about 1998 and there are currently no less than 5 players who still play for the team who have served for 15 years plus. A proud history of winning grades and club team of the year on numerous occasions. Clubroom regulars and always on the lookout for new talent. Current age ranges cover 16 – 45.



A copy of the consolidated rules of the Club can be found here.

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